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Startup School.

Sahara Ventures and Partners are Launching a Startup School to Support Young Founders From Tanzania By Working With Local Universities and Academic Institutions. The Idea is to Have Local Successful Startup Founders Give Back to The Community By Sharing Their Experience With Students.

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Founders and Topics

Starting a Startup

How to start a startup? Moving from idea to business. What are the things to considers, pillars and variables of great startups?
Jumanne Mtambalike | Co-Founder, Sahara Ventures

Customer Discovery

How to recruit new users of your product or service? How do you brand, market and sell a new product in the market?
Alban James | Founder, Foodsasa

Building Startup Teams

How to build great startup teams? How to recruit and ensure the team stays together? How to leverage your strengths?
Brian Paul | Co-Founder, Studio 19

Building Great Products

How to build products with great user experience? How do you get your product to stand out from the rest?
Edgar Mwampinge | Founder, Worknasi

Meeting The Investor

How to prepare a pitch and investor deck? What an investor looks for from a startup? How to create a winning deck?
Andron Mendes | Founded KopaGas, Investor

Everything Legal

What are the legal procedures to register startups in Tanzania? Why and how to patent your product or service in Tanzania.
Usaje Mwambene | Legal Advisor, Sahara Ventures

Being a Founder

Starting the personal entrepreneurship journey? Building brand identity? Growing through social demographic strains of being a founder?
Vanessa Kisowile | Co-Founder SheFound, Entrepreneur

Its Okay To Fail

How to fail the right way and recover from failure? Why failing is an important piece of your growth curve? Starting again.
Gilda Given | Founded, Maisha Package