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Ecosystem Tour and Meetups

Silicon Dar provides ecosystem tour and facilitate Various Meetups. Are you looking to meet some key personality in the ecosystem and you don't know how to reach them? Are you preparing meet up on a specific agenda that you will need key people to attend?

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Coworking and Real Estate

Are you a Real Estate Agent or Property holder around the Silicon Dar? Are you looking for a Coworking space? Are you the owner of property around Silicon Dar and you want to extend a service to suite Startup companies

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Research and Data

Are you looking for Data and Research report about Innovation and Tech entrepreneurship ecosystem in Tanzania? Do you want to do research around Silicon Dar and its ecosystem or any specific area?

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Advertise and Promote

Do you want to Advertise your products or services? Silicon Dar platform provides access to advertise or promote your product or service.

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Looking For Talents

Are you an employer? are you looking for a special talent to work with you? Be a developer or a business development specialist, Are you looking for a job or a freelancing Gig?

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Organize Events or Training

Are you looking to organise an event or Training on ecosystem or targeting ecosystem players?

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Resources and Publications

For resource and Publications about Silicon Dar and ecosystem Kindly

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Legal and Registration

Are you looking for a Legal support? Do you want to register your product or business in Tanzania?

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Other Services

We are open to serve you, why not

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